Welcome to ikarianature! We are a small business, producing high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils and hydrosols from indigenous herbs of the island of Ikaria in Greece.

Explore our website to find out about our vision, how we work, how we distill and of course, explore the range of our products and see where you can find them.

If you’re really into essential oils and hydrosols, you can also read about picking the herbs, details about our distillers and our blog.

Should you be lucky to be coming to Ikaria you can arrange an essential oils workshop in our distillery or book to enjoy Tara’s massage.

We ship worldwide

Contact us via email or our contact form for availability, pricing information and to place an order.

Our essential oils and hydrosols

Currently we distill the following indigenous herbs of Ikaria:

Helicrysum, helicrysum italicum

Wild Lavender, lavandula Stoechas

Rock Samphire, crithmum maritimum

Wild Oregano, origanum onites

Thyme, thymus capitatus

Savory, satureja thymbra

Sage, salvia fruticosa

Wild Carrot, daucus carota

Oregano, origanum vulgare hirtum

Rose Geranium, pelargonium graveolens

Peppermint, mentha piperita

Rosemary, rosmarinus officinalis


Delivering our products to you

We deliver our essential oils in cobalt blue glass bottles of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100ml with internal droppers and safety caps. They are clearly labeled and include herb common name, latin name, volume and batch number. In case of higher demand (and availability!) we provide 500ml and 1000ml aluminum bottles with specialized internal coating for essential oils, which provide extra safety during transport of larger quantities.

Hydrosols come in various packaging depending on the quantity and use needed. For immediate retail skin use, we provide 150ml plastic cobalt blue bottles with spray accessory on top. For immediate retail internal use, we have dark brown glass bottles of 1lt. For wholesale we can provide hydrosols in 5, 10 or 20lt PE-HD containers which are safe for transport. Again, all packaging is clearly labeled including herb name, Latin name, quantity and batch number.

When posting our products, whatever the means are, we make sure that everything is packaged safely, using soft materials to prevent breakage. If necessary due to volume size or weight, we package our products on ISO pallets and wrap them with black stretch film to hold them in place and avoid sunlight during transport.

Our values

We live in this place by choice. We chose a simple life, living close to nature, with respect for her and nourished by her on all levels.

We love and believe in the power of natural products, especially essential oils. We consider it our privilege to receive them and provide them for others. It is important to us that we retain their essence to the maximum, pure and unadalterated.

We believe in sustainability and this is an integral part of our whole process. We support a natural environment that can renew and multiply its resources without intervention. This ensures their viability over time.

We like to keep on learning and improving our work on all of its aspects. As long as we feel the ground stable under our feet, there is always something new to learn, a step further we can go.

We believe in sharing our work and our vision whenever we can. We especially love sharing the experience of producing our oils, from picking to distilling, with visitors in the spring and the summer.

Where can you find our products

If you’re a professional practitioner or retail business interested in our products, contact us for more details. We export all around the world. Keep in mind that in order to maintain high quality, we have and will always have a small production. Thus not all the range of our products will be available throughout the year.

Should you be in Athens, Greece, go to Sensities, a shop that specialises in essential oils. It’s right at the heart of the city, near Syntagma square, at Nikis 33 str. It’s an online shop as well and you can also order our products online.

When you come to Ikaria, you can find our essential oils and hydrosols in shops around the island:

  • In Rika’s gallery (Η γκαλερί της Ρίκας) local products’ shop right on the port of Evdilos.
  • Amongst local products and vegetables in Sofrano shop opposite the church of Christos.
  • At the Women’s Cooperative of Raches, on the square of Christos, where you can also try one (or more) of their delicacies.
  • While trying excellent local honey at Kypseli (Κυψέλη) shop in Armenistis.
  • When admiring the creations of Anna at Artemis Studio Arts & Craft shop in Armenistis.
  • On the local products stand of the mini market of Faros.

You are always welcome to visit us at our land/home/laboratory/distillery. You can see the full range of our products here and get a tour of our business or, if you’re up for it, book for a workshop. Email us to make an appointment.


The ethics of picking from the wild

Picking wild herbs is a highly debated issue. Man and animals have been picking and using herbs intuitively, since the beginning of their existence to address health problems or to promote their health. The have been doing it only when they needed it and only in the quantities they needed, with balance and sustainability, the key to manage any natural resource. The rise of the global commerce though, combined with the greed and opportunism of some people and companies, have devastated areas that were rich in wild herbs once.

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Hello world!

It was spring 2011 when I experimented distilling the Ikarian Lavandula Stoechas in a small, desktop, glass distiller. The memory of that first attempt still brings shivers to me, the trembling excitement, being impatient, then watching magic happening right in front of me, first drops of essential oil, the smells! That’s it, I was hooked! Having come only recently to live a dream life on a dream island, stubborn Aries, hooked on extracting the island’s essence? There was only one possible way to go: forward!

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