Our values

We live in this place by choice. We chose a simple life, living close to nature, with respect for her and nourished by her on all levels.

We love and believe in the power of natural products, especially essential oils. We consider it our privilege to receive them and provide them for others. It is important to us that we retain their essence to the maximum, pure and unadalterated.

We believe in sustainability and this is an integral part of our whole process. We support a natural environment that can renew and multiply its resources without intervention. This ensures their viability over time.

We like to keep on learning and improving our work on all of its aspects. As long as we feel the ground stable under our feet, there is always something new to learn, a step further we can go.

We believe in sharing our work and our vision whenever we can. We especially love sharing the experience of producing our oils, from picking to distilling, with visitors in the spring and the summer.