The ethics of picking from the wild

Picking wild herbs is a highly debated issue. Man and animals have been picking and using herbs intuitively, since the beginning of their existence to address health problems or to promote their health. The have been doing it only when they needed it and only in the quantities they needed, with balance and sustainability, the key to manage any natural resource. The rise of the global commerce though, combined with the greed and opportunism of some people and companies, have devastated areas that were rich in wild herbs once.

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Hello world!

It was spring 2011 when I experimented distilling the Ikarian Lavandula Stoechas in a small, desktop, glass distiller. The memory of that first attempt still brings shivers to me, the trembling excitement, being impatient, then watching magic happening right in front of me, first drops of essential oil, the smells! That’s it, I was hooked! Having come only recently to live a dream life on a dream island, stubborn Aries, hooked on extracting the island’s essence? There was only one possible way to go: forward!

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