Eucalyptus trees have been planted on Ikaria a long time ago and they flourish really well in its environment. They are propagated mostly by beekeepers and appreciated by them and mostly their bees, since it is a source of nectar in periods when there is not much blossoming.

We distill Eucalyptus occasionally, when someone prunes or chops down a tree. This is why it is the only essential oil / hydrosol for which we do not refer its specific species. There are 3-4 species on the island, mostly Eucalyptus Globulus. If you’re interested in it, contact us to let you know what’s available.

The trees, depending on the species, altitude and climatological conditions of the year, bloom during the summer period. If a chance is given to us to pick it, we go as soon as the branches are pruned and select only the soft endings where the leaves are attached. These are then taken immediately for distillation.

Its essential oil is known mostly for helping blocked sinuses and keeping the respiratory system healthy, even though, depending on the species, its properties vary widely.