Hello world!

It was spring 2011 when I experimented distilling the Ikarian Lavandula Stoechas in a small, desktop, glass distiller. The memory of that first attempt still brings shivers to me, the trembling excitement, being impatient, then watching magic happening right in front of me, first drops of essential oil, the smells! That’s it, I was hooked! Having come only recently to live a dream life on a dream island, stubborn Aries, hooked on extracting the island’s essence? There was only one possible way to go: forward!

Endless hours of reading, then going out picking, coming back, setting up and distilling. Again and again and again. Maybe like this? Is this too much? Let’s try a different setup. Trial and error in its glory! The process that gave humans their knowledge. I soon met other people involved in essential oils, either using them or producing them. Numerous new doors opened, the feedback for my knowledge and experience increased exponentially.

By now I had invested in a 70 liter biomass, quality distiller and was able to produce enough oils and hydrosols that I could share, mostly with people that knew well how to put them to good use. The positive feedback was overwhelming. The oils were strong, effective, unique. Not having prior experience or deep knowledge of being a therapist, I had to rely on the opinion of people that had. And they convinced me. My fixation was to have that relationship with nature and be able to capture its essence in a respectful and complete manner. I was convinced to keep on doing that and keep on improving perpetually.

I met Tara. I’m not going to elaborate or I would need the whole post, or the whole website or even more, for that. I became we, both in life and ikarianature. Soon, the fruit of we came, our daughter, named Irida. Like any other parents out there know, there are actually no words to describe the feelings, so we leave it at that.

We decided to go one step further and make ikarianature a proper family business. With the help of a client, we got a 350 liter biomass, top quality distiller and started producing what we knew best, strictly high quality, strictly for therapeutic purposes.

Along the way, we met hundreds of people interested in our work, mostly island visitors and we were always more than happy to demonstrate it to them. With their encouragement as well, we thought it was time to let even more people know about what we are proud of.

Welcome to ikarianature.com!