How we work

We work exclusively with indigenous herbs of Ikaria, wild and cultivated. We believe that only the plants which have adapted well in a place, after many generations, can perform to their best. It is not in our mindset to cultivate and produce essential oils from “foreign plants” just because they have a commercial value. When we cultivate the local plants we do it exclusively from seeds or grafts that we pick on the island.

Picking with sustainability and quality in mind

We collect each herb at the optimum time in order to receive the best quality of essential oil possible. We make sure to collect only the necessary parts of the plants and in such quantities which ensures sustainability.

We are very thorough and meticulous in our picking process because it defines who we are and what is our relationship with the nature of Ikaria. You can read about it extensively here.

Distilling the essence

All the herbs are distilled right after picking so that all the components of their essential oils are captured. Essential oils are highly volatile so timing is very important.

We use the method of steam distillation with Inox equipment, zero pressure, small volume and double wall. These characteristics ensure maximum qualitative reception of essential oils and hydrosols.

Our long experience and knowledge helps us to control completely the timing and speed of the distillation throughout its duration. This combination of timing and speed depends on each herb and the conditions of picking. We always aim for the highest quality possible.

You can read more about our distillers and the distillation process.

Filtering and storing for long shelf life

We store our products with methods that ensure a long shelf life. This includes keeping them far from the reach of sunlight, temperatures of not more than 25oC and using glass bottles that match the volume of the essential oils, so as to prevent oxidization. Before storing, we filter all essential oils in two ways: specialized lab filters remove any solid impurities like dust and pollen. Α lab grade special salt, that does not dissolve in oil, dehumidifies the essential oil by being hydrophilic, thus attracting any humidity left in it by the distillation process. You can notice in the picture below, how blurry the essential oil is in the separator on top, as it has just come out after the distillation and how clear it is in the glass receptor at the bottom, after it passes through the filtering process.

Delivering our products to you

We deliver our essential oils in cobalt blue glass bottles of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100ml with internal droppers and safety caps. They are clearly labeled and include herb common name, latin name, volume and batch number. In case of higher demand (and availability!) we provide 500ml and 1000ml aluminum bottles with specialized internal coating for essential oils, which provide extra safety during transport of larger quantities.

Hydrosols come in various packaging depending on the quantity and use needed. For immediate retail skin use, we provide 150ml plastic cobalt blue bottles with spray accessory on top. For immediate retail internal use, we have dark brown glass bottles of 1lt. For wholesale we can provide hydrosols in 5, 10 or 20lt PE-HD containers which are safe for transport. Again, all packaging is clearly labeled including herb name, Latin name, quantity and batch number.

When posting our products, whatever the means are, we make sure that everything is packaged safely, using soft materials to prevent breakage. If necessary due to volume size or weight, we package our products on ISO pallets and wrap them with black stretch film to hold them in place and avoid sunlight during transport.