Massage and Bodywork: what is it?

It is centred on you

What type of massage do I do? Essentially it depends on you! Your massage and bodywork session is centred completely on you. I incorporate a wide variety of different massage techniques into each massage depending on your individual needs. This may include deep tissue work, joint mobilisations, gentle, energy holds, long, flowing, relaxing strokes, kneading and stretching. The massage itself can be soothing, flowing and relaxing or dynamic, deep and re-energising. Or a combination of all of these things. As the massage is centred on you, we will discuss what you require at the beginning and take it from there. This allows for a creative, intuitive treatment that is personal and deeply effective. 

It includes your body, mind and soul

During the massage, we work with your body to help relieve the aches and pains and tensions that are bothering you. The session can be very focussed and specific to address whatever physical issues you may have. There are many ways in which massage may help you .And a massage session can go deeper than the physical. I work holistically which means that I work with a strong awareness of your whole being.

It helps with emotional release

Our bodies hold our emotions and our thoughts, past and present. With this awareness, massage can help to release emotions or thought patterns from your body that no longer serve you. Relieving the body of unexpressed emotion can bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.  Helping to lighten your body, mind and soul. Uplifting you. Reconnecting you.

It reconnects you to your self and beyond

Our bodies also hold our relationship to our deeper self and to something beyond us, whatever that may be for you.  A beautiful benefit of massage can be the deep, reconnection with your self and with this beyond. You can sink deeply into your body. You can allow your muscles and bones to relax. You can come to rest in a place of peace. A place that is at the centre of you. That is you.

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