Massage Offerings

 Massage Therapy, 1 hour

During this focused session, we work more specifically, to help soften and alleviate your unique aches and pains such as back, neck and shoulders. Regular massage can also help relieve emotional stress, depression, anxiety.

Pregnancy Massage, 1 hour

Massage for relaxation and to help with the aches and pains of pregnancy. This massage can be received lying on your side.

Abdominal Massage for Women, 1 hour

Relaxing and focused, to help with digestive and menstrual health. Longer session also includes guidance on self-massage at home.

Full Body Massage for Women, 1.5/ 2 hours,

This longer session offers you the chance to dive deeply into your own body. Incorporating a wide variety of massage and healing techniques such as flowing Hawaiian massage, reiki, subtle deep tissue massage. This open session gives you time and space to experience profound relaxation and connection with yourself on many levels. Intuitively led and guided by your body. And we may also have time to discuss self-care techniques such as self-massage, if appropriate.

Head, Feet or Arms/Hand Massage, 30 minutes, (2 people min)

A shorter massage for those who are new to massage or if you’re busy or broke! Head massage to clear and relax a busy mind. Or a relaxing, energising foot massage for tired feet and to relax the whole body. Or try a massage focussing on your arms and hands to take care of hardworking hands.

Massage Seminars (2 people min)

Tailor made seminars for couples, friends and families to explore giving and receiving nurturing massage at home. Seminars can be 6 hours for an introductory session or up to 4 days for a more detailed exploration of giving and receiving nurturing massage with loved ones.

Massage Gift vouchers are available for name days, birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations…

Massage takes place outdoors at my home in raw nature. My home is near the village of Agios Dimitrios in the Raches area.


30€ for 30 mins

50€ for 1 hour

75€ for 1.5 hours

100€ for 2 hours.

Contact me for appointments or for more information:
Mobile: +30 697 044 1449
Fixed: +30 22750 41635
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