Tara’s Massage

Welcome to the massage corner! I’m Tara and here you’ll find out more about what I do, alongside helping Thodoris with the essential oils.

I have been doing massage and bodywork since 2010 and I have a lot of experience working with all sorts of different people and their bodies. I am also an experienced teacher and offer massage seminars all year round. Here are my qualifications.

I am a dancer in my essence and at the centre of my everyday life lies creativity and flow. When I’m working with people with massage, this dance and creativity comes with me. Rhythm, movement, flow, creativity and intuition are all vital elements that I can bring into a massage session. I am also a mother and there is a definite nurturing quality to my touch. During a bodywork session this can be felt as gentle, spacious, accepting, opening, releasing, softening, receiving, subtle as well as strong, precise, deep and intense.

I offer various massage sessions including full body massage for women, focussed massage sessions and head massage. A massage is session is always physical; we work with muscles, bones and tissues and we connect very definitely with the body while keeping an awareness of your whole being. 

I use our own olive oil for massage and I also offer you the option of olive oil infused with our own essential oils. I currently use Wild Lavender, Rock Samphire and Rosemary infusions.

Contact me for appointments or for more information:
Email: massageikaria@gmail.com
Mobile: +30 697 044 1449
Fixed: +30 22750 41635
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