The Wild Lavender wakes up

Lavandula Stoechas is found all over the Mediterranean region. In Ikaria it is abundant and grows all over the island. In March the plants are flowering and it is a harbinger of Spring for us. Before the real heat begins, the flowers are sparkling, clean and fresh as the rains are still coming and going. The flowers are fat and juicy and seem to be spilling over with essential oil. A walk through an area dense with Lavandula Stoechas is also buzzing very intensely with bees and we walk very carefully and quickly to avoid stirring them up too much.

The Lavandula Stoechas or Wild Lavender essential oil has different properties and uses than the common Lavandula Angustifolias or True Lavender. For starters the aroma is very different: it is high in camphour so the scent is more medicinal and potent. People are often surprised at the strong aroma of Lavandula Stoechas compared to the more floral scent of Lavandula Angustifolias.

For your everyday wellbeing

Our lavender, as with True Lavender, can be used to help calm down and relax the nervous system. We like to dilute our essential oil in olive oil (we recommend a 2% dilution to start with) and massage it into our feet before going to bed. The lavender enters our bodies very fast this way and sometimes we’re half asleep before our heads hit the pillow!

We also use our lavender in our diffuser for its calming effect as well as for the cleansing effect it has on the atmosphere. Lavandula Stoechas is also extremely useful as an insect repellent. This is important for us as the mosquitoes will wake up around us soon! We make our own insect repellent spray for the body with lavender as the main ingredient. Diffusing it in house is also effective.

Massaging your body with a dilution of Lavandula Stoechas in your preferred carrier oil can also help relieve rheumatic pain and sore muscles. It may also be effective in cleaning and healing wounds, insect bites and burns.

Our lavender is also used to make body lotions, creams, household cleaning products, soaps and candles.

Lavandula Stoechas is not recommnended for use with young children due the high levels of camphour.

For medicinal purposes

Some studies have shown that Lavandula Stoechas is effective in treating various diseases when used therapeutically. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antispasmodic, sedative, insecticidal, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, to name a few.

Due to these properties it can be used to treat diseases of the lungs, the colon, the urinary tract, the skin (specifically eczema). And to help ease migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, flu and rheumatic pain.

Lavandula Stoechas is also known to help boost circulation and the immune system. Some components of this essential oil are also effective at removing mucus which makes it useful in treating infections in `the lungs and maintaining a healthy respiratory system.

If you like to know the science involved in discovering the chemical components of the Lavandula Stoechas essential oil and how they can be used therapeutically on humans, here is a scientific article you’ll enjoy.

And you?

We would love to hear your experience and expertise about Lavandula Stoechas. How do you use it and how has it helped you? We are always interested to hear from clinical aromatherapists who use essential oils therapeutically to treat health conditions.

For now, we will return to the slopes of Ikaria, with sacks and scythes in hand, ready to gather in the Wild Lavender for the first distillations of the season. As always, we approach this land and her abundance with humility and respect. We keep our ears and hearts open to ensure that we take only what she wishes to give.


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