Where can you find our products

If you’re a professional practitioner or retail business interested in our products, contact us for more details. We export all around the world. Keep in mind that in order to maintain high quality, we have and will always have a small production. Thus not all the range of our products will be available throughout the year.

Should you be in Athens, Greece, go to Sensities, a shop that specialises in essential oils. It’s right at the heart of the city, near Syntagma square, at Nikis 33 str. It’s an online shop as well and you can also order our products online.

When you come to Ikaria, you can find our essential oils and hydrosols in shops around the island:

  • In Rika’s gallery (Η γκαλερί της Ρίκας) local products’ shop right on the port of Evdilos.
  • Amongst local products and vegetables in Sofrano shop opposite the church of Christos.
  • At the Women’s Cooperative of Raches, on the square of Christos, where you can also try one (or more) of their delicacies.
  • While trying excellent local honey at Kypseli (Κυψέλη) shop in Armenistis.
  • When admiring the creations of Anna at Artemis Studio Arts & Craft shop in Armenistis.
  • On the local products stand of the mini market of Faros.

You are always welcome to visit us at our land/home/laboratory/distillery. You can see the full range of our products here and get a tour of our business or, if you’re up for it, book for a workshop. Email us to make an appointment.