Wild Lavender, lavandula stoechas

Always the first one, of the herbs we distill, to blossom in the spring, Lavandula Stoechas grows abundantly all over the island. It makes us particularly happy to start our season with the relaxing smell of our lavender.

We gather only the flowers of the plant along with a small part of the stem supporting it. We make sure that any stem picked is new soft growth and we never pick its woody parts, as that would hurt the plant and reduce the quality of the essential oil.

Picking Lavandula Stoechas is more difficult than the classic lavender as the flowers emerge not just on the top of the plant but also on many levels. The process can be time consuming and fiddly.

Right after picking, the flowers are put into the distiller and we receive this relaxing essential oil – both for the mind and the body – due to its high concentration in natural camphor.